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Utah Personal Injury Lawyers: Utah Personal Injury Lawyers and Grandkids

Bush Law Firm is national in scope with clients throughout Utah and the United States. Their mission is to achieve justice for injured people by connecting them with lawyers who will handle their defective products and personal injury cases competently.

The firm was founded by Rex Bush who has been handling personal injury cases since 1984.

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Cases and Awards by One of our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers

Mr. Bush was recently named by Utah Business Magazine as a part of the "Utah Legal Elite" for the category of personal injury.

Rex has successfully brought claims against the State of Utah, heavy metal rock band AC/DC, Fortune 500 company Amoco Oil, State Farm Insurance, WalMart, the United States Government and many other large corporations and government entities.

He has been fortunate to work with and learn from some of the top lawyers in the country including Greta Van Susteren, John Coale, Gerry Spence, Pat Mulligan, Marty Rubinstein and George Fleming.

Mr. Bush has received numerous settlements in excess of $500,000 and his largest settlement to date was in excess of three million dollars. ($3,000,000.00)

Mr. Bush set legal precedent in 1998 when he forced an insurance company to keep its agreement. After USF&G broke its agreement to arbitrate, Bush sued. The trial judge refused to enforce the agreement. Bush appealed to the Utah Supreme Court. The Justices agreed with Bush. The trial judge was in the wrong not to enforce the agreement, they said. They sent the case back to the trial judge so justice could be done. You can read the Court’s decision Here. The case later settled during mediation for five times what had been offered before the appeal.

He has written articles on personal injury for the benefit of attorneys and others. He has frequently been asked to speak to other attorneys and to law students on the subject of personal injury and on law office management.

He has held many leadership positions in law related activities and in 1996 was honored by the Utah State Bar for "outstanding service to the legal profession".

A Story That Inspired Mr. Bush

Mr. Bush remembers a story his dad told him that has had an impact on his desire to practice law.

"A hardworking man was carrying a two-by-four on his shoulder. As he rounded a corner he bumped into the face of another man coming from the opposite direction.

"When the injured man complained, the two-by-four carrier said 'I have a right to carry this board on my shoulder.' To which the injured man replied 'your right to carry that board ends where my nose begins.'

"I’ve always remembered this story and perhaps it explains why my favorite subject at the University of Utah College of Law was “Torts” which is the subject of wrongful acts and the remedies for their violation.

"It is also why I love practicing personal injury law as a Utah injury attorney."

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Mission Statement

At Bush Law Firm we are ready, willing and able to recover money for you on your Utah accident legal claim.

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Example

After four bad experiences with Utah personal injury lawyers, John had a bad attitude about the legal profession. When his wife Bobbie was referred to Bush Law Firm after being in a car crash, John told her, "It won't do any good. You won't get anything."

After seeing how we handled his wife's case, John changed his attitude about Utah personal injury lawyers. He was impressed with the diligence of our Utah personal injury lawyers in pursuing his wife's best interests despite dealing with an uncooperative insurance company. He was pleased with the treatment his family received; Jan, the Bush Law Firm legal administrator, always showed concern for Bobbie's family matters, even those unrelated to their case; Mr. Bush personally delivered the settlement check when Bobbie was stuck home tending children.

By the time the case settled, John and Bobbie felt like we were friends. "It was more of a family kind of thing," said Bobbie. "It wasn't cold and impersonal like other Utah personal injury lawyers."

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers You Can Count On

Because of service like that from our team of Utah personal injury lawyers, many of our Utah accident cases come from referrals from past clients, doctors, and others who trust us. We work in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and are not a high volume practice like other firms that advertise on TV or on back of the yellow pages. Our Utah personal injury lawyers handle fewer cases than many other firms. We treat our clients like people instead of case numbers.

At Bush Law Firm, our success comes from treating our clients like we would our close friends or family members. Our commitment to quality service insures that our clients will always receive our finest efforts and feel that they have benefited from their association with us as Utah personal injury lawyers.

Our Utah personal injury lawyers focus on helping people who have been injured by the carelessness of others. Since our establishment in 1985 we have helped many hundreds of people with Utah accident legal claims.

Quotes from Rex Bush

"People have rights. Some people and even some large corporations would like to deprive people of access to the courts because that way they can avoid responsibility for their own wrongdoings.”

"I get satisfaction from making sure people are fairly compensated.”

"I love practicing law because it is fun and it is fun because it is an easy job compared to the other jobs I have done like working as a scraper of moldy Swiss cheese in a cheese factory.”

"Practicing law is fun because it involves negotiating and writing and reasoning and thinking and reading, which are things I love.”

"And it is fun to help people and make their lives easier and more fair and meaningful."

"It is also fun to achieve justice especially when going against large corporations."