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You Deserve Compensation - Protect Your Rights!

If you were injured from the carelessness of another you deserve compensation. That principle, which is firmly established in our legal system is guaranteed by the Constitution. All men are endowed with certain inalienable rights. People are worth more than things. If your car was damaged you have a right to have it fixed. If your injuries are permanent and you cannot be made whole, shouldn’t you be compensated?

Warning: Don't Wait to Hire a Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in Salt Lake City don’t wait to hire a lawyer. You could miss a deadline! You could say the wrong thing while giving a statement to an insurance adjuster. (They're trained to make you do that!) You could settle your property claim too cheaply. You could fail to realize that your car insurance will pay for your medical bills and lost income. Hiring an experienced Salt Lake City personal injury attorney will help you meet all deadlines while avoiding the perils that beset you when you represent yourself.

Announcing: a Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney Who Will Work to Get Your Case Settled Without a Lawsuit

If you are like many of our past Salt Lake City clients you want a fair settlement but you want to avoid going to court if at all possible. To help you achieve that goal we prepare a settlement brochure on every case. This contains important information needed by a claims adjuster to value your case. To further decrease the odds of going to court we use proven negotiating techniques.

Discover the Benefit of a Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney Taking the Risk Off Your Shoulders

Of course, we only get paid when we win the case. We take a percentage (35% if the case settles short of mediation, arbitration or lawsuit). Since we only get compensated if you win your case, you can proceed without financial risk. There are no upfront costs with a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney from Bush Law Firm.

Amazing Stress Reduction from Your Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney

As soon as you hire a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney, you will likely find that your stress level goes down.You now have someone on your side...going to bat for you. You're not going it alone against the insurance companies. Expect to feel some relief. You will probably have greater peace of mind. These factors will likely improve your chances of recovery from your injuries.

Secrets of an Experienced Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney Are Now on Your Side

Bush Law Firm has serviced and put money in the pockets of more than one thousand personal injury clients since 1984. Some Bush Law Firm affiliates have even more experience. We have shared our experience with other attorneys by publishing articles on the subject of personal injury law, by giving advice to less experienced attorneys, and by teaching other attorneys at seminars.

How Much Is Your Case Worth? You'll Never Know Unless It Gets The Attention It Deserves

Our focus is on communicating with you to make sure all your injuries are properly identified, diagnosed and treated. In Utah, as elsewhere, that’s one of the keys to getting top value for a case.

Announcing a New Breakthrough for Personal Injury Clients: a Unique, High Value Guarantee

Here is what we uniquely guarantee: We will use our knowledge of common injuries from accidents to help make sure all your injuries are properly identified. We will use our network of doctors and specialists to make sure these injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. We will use our experience with settlement brochures to make sure yours is done properly. We will use our experience and knowledge of negotiating with insurance companies to get you the best possible settlement.

If the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, we will first ask them to mediate or arbitrate your dispute. If they refuse, we will then recommend a lawsuit - sometimes this is the only thing they understand. Our experience is that when we file a lawsuit, we almost always get more money than the insurance company was offering. The decision to file a lawsuit is up to you. If we file a lawsuit we will still do everything in our power to settle the case before we end up in court. There are many opportunities to settle along the way. Most of the time we are able to get our cases settled without a lawsuit. We offer creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

How Would You Like to Be Treated?

Unfortunately, some attorneys have behaved in such a fashion that people believe that lawyers as a whole are arrogant and overly formal. Utahns don’t like to be treated that way. We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients and treating people the way we would like to be treated. After all, your questions deserve to be answered and you deserve to be respected by your Salt Lake City personal injury attorney.

How Much More Is Your Case Worth With an Experienced Attorney on Your Side?

Research shows that an injured person will end up with more in her pocket after paying her lawyer than she would get if she handled the injury case herself without the expertise of an experienced attorney. This principle is true in Utah as well as in the rest of the country. Choosing the right Salt Lake City personal injury attorney is critical. Get a committed and experienced attorney with Bush Law Firm.

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