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Automobile Accident
If your Utah car accident case does not settle and goes to trial and you receive a favorable verdict, congratulations are in order. Contrary to popular knowledge the insurance companies actually win a lot of cases at trial and their defense attorneys are skilled at making Mother Theresa look like Jack the Ripper...Read More

Should You Hire Lawyers in Utah?
I'll answer that question with an example of what can happen when accident lawyers in Utah are not involved with your case. You're injured in an auto accident. The day after the accident you're contacted by the other party's insurance carrier. They offer you $2,000.00 for your pain and suffering...Read More

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Utah
My first experience with wrongful death lawyers in Utah came at age 12 when my father died in a car accident. My mother, who had not worked in years and did not have a driver’s license, was left with six children under the age of 14. The settlement funds that the wrongful death lawyers in Utah got us, helped our small family to survive...Read More

Time Limitations
The most important job accident lawyers in Utah have is knowing and applying the statute of limitation applicable to the client's case. A statute of limitation is a law which limits the length of time within which a lawsuit must be started before the right to sue is lost...Read More

Dog Bite Claims
If you are bitten by someone else’s dog, you are entitled to reasonable compensation for your injuries and damages. Our lawyers in Utah know that reasonable compensation includes, but is not limited to, reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses...Read More

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