"Who Else Wants to Know Whether to Hire a Utah Injury Lawyer? What You Must Know to Decide"

Should You Use a Utah Injury Lawyer for Your Accident?

This question can be answered with an example of what can happen when a Utah injury lawyer is not involved with your case. You're injured in an auto accident. The day after the accident you are contacted by the other party's insurance carrier. They offer you $2,000 for your pain and suffering. $2,000 sounds like a good offer, so you take the $2,000 and sign all the releases before consulting a Utah injury lawyer.

Two weeks later your neck really hurts. You spend the $2,000 plus an additional $2,000 to get treatment for your badly injured neck. Using a Utah injury lawyer could have saved you thousands of dollars in medical costs.

When you represent yourself in an accident case, the only parties that benefit are the insurance companies. To get fair compensation, hire a Utah injury lawyer.

The Value of a Utah Injury Lawyer

In his book "The Injury Industry and the Remedy of No-Fault Insurance" Jeffery O'Connell stated the following: "Studies tend to show that hiring an attorney not only increases the chance and amount of payment but leaves more net payment for the claimant even after deducting his attorney's fee." At Bush Law Firm, we promise that by hiring us as your Utah injury lawyer, our fees will not exceed the amount you pocket after paying all expenses.

"According to one statistical study conducted at the Columbia Law School, `the claimant who retains an attorney improves his chances of recovery; and, in addition, `the increment to the victim who retains an attorney is large enough so that, even after the attorney's fee is deducted, he will "net" more than if he had handled the case himself."

Finally, the insurance industry’s own research has shown that people who have an attorney receive, on average, far more compensation than people who handle their own case. The Insurance Research Council (IRC), an organization funded by insurance companies, did a study in 1999 comparing settlements paid to accident victims who hired attorneys with settlements paid to people who handled their own cases. The IRC study showed that people who hired an injury attorney received 3 ½ times more money than those who didn’t hire an attorney.

Conclusion: most of the time hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will result in more money for you, without the problems and stress of dealing with the insurance company yourself.

Be wise, make sure you have a competent Utah injury lawyer to represent you!

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