On Job Injury: OSHA Violation

Friday, 26th December 2008

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Q.  On november 7, 2006 I was injured at work due to negligence and being in violation of OSHA regulations. This happened in the state of Utah. I have been told on countless occations that Utah is the worst state in the US. But I was also told if they were in violation of OSHA regs I would have a case. My question is since I can’t find a lawyer, I would like to file a lawsuit

on my own, I need some direction. Can you help? No state should be above the law. I made a comment to one lawyer in Utah recently that they, Utah could get away with murder, he agreed. I’m glad I taped that conversation. Thankyou;–name removed–

A.  Worker’s compensation laws say that if you are injured on the job you cannot sue your employer or a fellow employee who caused the injury. You have to make your claim under worker’s compensation insurance. There are very few exceptions to this and unless your facts come under an exception you are stuck with worker’s compensation. If you need a referral to a worker’s compensation attorney contact me and I’ll give you one.

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