Auto/Bicycle Accident: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Friday, 26th December 2008

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Q.  I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle at night – it was dark, and I had a flashing light on the front of the bike. The driver slowed down, but did not stop at the stop sign. Broken tailbone, lots of skin abrasions and destroyed bike, clothes, bike accessories etc. What steps should I take – is a lawyer necessary?

A.  Don’t be in a big hurry to settle the case. If the person who hit you was a private person (i.e. not working for state, local or federal government at the time of the accident) then you have four years to settle the claim or file suit.

Unfortunately, a broken tailbone will take some time to heal. But, you will also want to be sure you know the full extent of your injuries before settling. Once you settle, you cannot usually reopen the case later.

As a bicyclist you are considered a pedestrian and therefore your medical bills are covered under the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage of the car that hit you. Utah policies require an owner to carry at least $3000 in PIP medical coverage.

Your lost wages are also covered up to the limits of the car’s policy.

You may also pay someone up to $20 per day to perform household tasks you are not currently able to perform.

When you receive payment for your bike and clothes do not sign anything.

An attorney could be helpful to you in making sure that all your injuries are identified, diagnosed and treated. And that the settlement is a fair one.

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