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Tuesday, 4th November 2008

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My dad used to tell a story about a man carrying a two by four on his shoulder.  As he rounded a corner he  bumped in the face a man coming from the opposite direction.   When the injured man complained the two by four carrier said “I have a right to carry this two by four on my shoulder.”  To which the other man replied  “your right to carry that board  ends where my nose begins.”

I’ve always remembered this story and perhaps it explains why my favorite subject at the University of Utah College of Law Torts and why I love practicing personal injury law as a Utah injury attorney.

Note:  Torts are wrongful acts for which monetary compensation can be sought by the injured person.

People have rights.  Large corporations would like to deprive people of access to the courts because that way they could avoid responsibility for their own wrongdoings.

I get satisfaction from making sure people are fairly compensated and that their  injuries are fully diagnosed and  treated.

I love  practicing law because it is fun and it is fun because  it is an easy job compared to the other jobs I have done like working as a scraper in a cheese factory.

Practicing law is fun because it involves negotiating and writing and reasoning and thinking and reading which are things I love.  And it is fun to help people. I like helping people and making their lives easier and more fair and meaningful and achieving justice for all.

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