Ida Ljungqvist Dog Custody Battle: Who Will Win?

Sunday, 16th November 2008

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You may have heard about the controversial custody battle between Ida Ljungqvist, the first African born model to become a Playmate of the month, and her ex-husband Joshua Lang.

Lang claims Ljungvist wrongfully took the family pet Chihuahua when the two split sheets in September.

Ljungvist’s version is that “Bonnie” was a gift from Lang and therefore hers to keep.

Odds are the playmate will win this one.

Historically, women have tended to win split decisions in divorce court.  Further, Ida has possession of the dog, and the dog being property, and as any first year law student will tell you: “possession is nine-tenths of the law.”

Pets are not people, they are personal property like a Gucci bag or Lexus convertible, says the law of California.  And, just as you wouldn’t get access to your ex-wife’s purse, the Court won’t grant visitation with the family Schnauzer.

California is a community property state which means all property acquired by husband or wife during the marriage , whether personal property like golf clubs or real property like homes and land,  are considered “community property” which gets divided equally between the pair.

Gifts, received by one spouse, on the other hand, are considered separate property and are that spouse’s to keep.  If the Court accepts Ida’s testimony that the dog was a gift then the dog is hers to keep.

If, however, the Court rejects the “gift claim” then the dog is just another piece of community property which will be divided equally.   And, as I said before, since Ida has the dog in her possession the Court will probably let her keep it.

And without visitation to the doleful ex.

Sorry Joshua, time to start shopping for a new Chihuahua.

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